That was the agreement between you

Our meeting was being postponed again and again. This went on for months. Sometimes you are out, sometimes I am not. Some times this happened due to your father’s unfortunate health. The distance from your house to our office in Hauz Khas will be just one to one and a half kilometers. But this small distance was not ending. Finally one afternoon of the last rainy day when the whole of Delhi was filled with torrential rain. Everything was stable. You suddenly came to our office.

The interruption of rain brings with it a drowsiness, an intangible stagnation, even with all the tricks of life. There is no fanfare in the news office, people fall into their daily activities. Suddenly your voice echoed – Atul Chaurasia. Soaked in rain, the rain had shown this – between the exit of the tampo and entering the office.

Unexpected Meetings

Suddenly the whole office woke up from sleep. Meet warmly and then sit and drink coffee for hours and take the juice of your talk. Now everything seems fancy. How many stories have you told in your style.

One of our long-pending meetings was to create a few video shows together for newslaundry. The topic you suggested is also very interesting. We could not proceed with these decisions at that time, one of the reasons was our financial problems. Nevertheless, we got an agreement to move ahead as soon as we got time and resources on them.

During the last one year, you got some messages that you wanted to do. But he remained unseen to me in any engagements Its suffering will never end now. Then we also promised to prepare a story on the completion of fifty years of Srilal Shukla’s court.

Goya, our list of promises, your agreements kept growing. And then all this. To be disconcerted by so many promises, to turn away. The world used to listen to you stories, now you have become stories. But the burden of this story is very heavy.

Again and again I miss that office meeting. Till you arrived there was an outbreak of overcast black clouds and rain. In a few hours’ meeting with you, a lot of dark clouds started coming, when you promised goodbye and said goodbye, by that time, the sun had started blossoming in the sky, the heat of life.

Beyond this place where there is someone else, we have priests that you will also sit there in the middle of a large congregation and decorate a new story every day. Your story has been marked forever in this world.