“I am an Indian, Kannadiga and Lingayat,” said Kalburgi’s son

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah have been accusing the Lingayat agitators in Karnataka of dividing the Hindu community. His charge is centered on the Congress, which is committed to granting minority status to the worshipers of 12th century philosopher Basavanna. These allegations of the BJP have been denied from … Read more

That was the agreement between you

Our meeting was being postponed again and again. This went on for months. Sometimes you are out, sometimes I am not. Some times this happened due to your father’s unfortunate health. The distance from your house to our office in Hauz Khas will be just one to one and a half kilometers. But this small … Read more

Exit poll of Karnataka: BJP somewhere, Congress somewhere

As early as six o’clock on Saturday evening, the curtains of most of the news channels arose from Bigul, Dundubhi. It was the end of voting in Karnataka, it was also the time to screen its educated, uneducated, semi-educated surveys. The reason for saying this is that many issues such as facticity of most surveys … Read more

Normal life after communal violence in Aurangabad

After the communal violence in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, the situation in Aurangabad was seen to be normal. In this violence, 2 people were killed and 45 others were injured due to stone pelting and petrol bomb. The controversy over the tap connection in Motiranjana Mosque of Aurangabad is being cited as the reason for the violence. … Read more

‘Udta Bihar’: Ground report on intoxication after prohibition

35-year-old Ram Pravesh (name changed), living in Samastipur Town, Bihar, was addicted to alcohol. In the year 2016, when the Bihar government implemented the prohibition of alcohol, they found it difficult to deal with their addiction. Under the stress of addiction, Ram Pravesh started looking for alternatives to alcohol. Someone had said that painkillers (pen … Read more

P. Bengal Panchayat elections: Mamta Banerjee’s sacrifice in killing democracy

During the Bengal Panchayat elections on Monday, large-scale violence took place between activists of various parties. In this, 14 people, including the CPI (M), BJP and Congress – mainly activists of opposition parties lost their lives. Many journalists have also been injured due to political violence. Not only this, Kamakhya Das of the Bengali media … Read more

American Embassy in Jerusalem inaugurated on 59 corpses!

In December last year, US President Donald Trump announced the concerns of the international community and the sentiments of the Palestinians that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital and that the US would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem soon. On Monday, May 14, the US Embassy in Jerusalem was inaugurated formally. More than 700 … Read more

Flipkart-Walmart deal: Why Flipkart acquisition is right

Flipkart is about to buy American company Walmart. The deal is finalized. Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue. Many news related to this deal is going on continuously. There is also a news that this will be India’s largest foreign direct investment so far. But this is not true. The reason for this … Read more