Exit poll of Karnataka: BJP somewhere, Congress somewhere

As early as six o’clock on Saturday evening, the curtains of most of the news channels arose from Bigul, Dundubhi. It was the end of voting in Karnataka, it was also the time to screen its educated, uneducated, semi-educated surveys.

The reason for saying this is that many issues such as facticity of most surveys conducted in our country, their scientific method, opacity in their assessment have not been resolved yet.

Especially in a multi-ethnic, complex, multi-religious, multi-ethnic society like India, where the scale of political likes and dislikes is very complicated, it is also very difficult to give an accurate opinion or conclusion by adopting a survey model of the Western system.

An exit poll of the campaign in which Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah had been sweating for the last two months, also showed an estimate through exit polls. Hats off to his courage. The list of those stories is now long in which the importance, significance or accuracy of such surveys is lost.

But the channels are keeping this custom alive, they fulfill this ritual by pouring their resources. The Karnataka election was also not untouched by this ritual exercise. So here is the exit poll sequence of all our channels.

A total of six media institutions have released their exit polls on the Karnataka elections. According to poll data, the bet has been reduced to 3-3 between the Congress and the BJP. But would the public have given their decision in a tie? Know EVM, you should look at the figures of all.