Was the police’s reaction to the murder of Sachin Walia pre-decided?

The common perception of the enlightened residents about the Uttar Pradesh Police is that the police here can do anything, provided they want to. The matter is of intention, not of action. Such incidents are also rare where the intentions of the police-administration are very serious from the beginning and in the officers’ plea, from the incident to the conclusion of the investigation, there is no difference in the rati. The death of Sachin Walia, the younger brother of Saharanpur District President Kamal Walia of Bhim Army, on 9 May is a rare incident, where the statement of SP and SSP of the city immediately after the death, till the completion of primary investigation on 13 May The ADG statement of Meerut zone does not make any difference.

How can it be that immediately after the incident, the police say that this death is an “accident” and after gathering all the evidence, top police officers repeat the same in the press conference of May 13? Was this event preordained? Or would the incident have happened, the response of the police was certain. Or could it also be that evidence was collected according to the first reaction so that it could be confirmed? If the incident, the police response and the evidence collected are to be decided in advance, then how will it be called an ‘accident’? It seems like a conspiracy. If nothing was decided, everything has come to light in an accident, then on what basis did the police give the name of Sachin Walia’s death as an ‘accident’ on the basis of investigation?

The death of Sachin Walia as an incident is not that which is being shown as a politics. There is a difference between the two. Before coming to the real story, pay attention to two statements – the police has been saying from the beginning that this death is an ‘accident’. Sachin’s family has been saying from the beginning that the police-administration is responsible for the death (apart from the four nominated Rajputs) which allowed the Rajputs to take out a procession on Maharana Pratap Jayanti. From the ‘accident’ recognition of the police, it seems that from the beginning he is trying to save someone. If we go to the recognition of Sachin’s family, then it seems that in the reaction given to this incident from the beginning, he has also taken care of the politics of Bhim Army. When the identity of the enemy is clear in politics, the nature of the incident does not matter much. Even if Sachin was not killed, there would have been a bullet in the arm or leg, the charge would have been on the Rajputs. This allegation seems more ‘circumstantial’. how? Will look forward

Between the criminal ‘incident’ of Sachin’s death and the ‘politics’ of the Bhim Army, there is such a twilight that it is not so easy to rip it across. This is the reason why MediaVigil visited Saharanpur the very next day after his death, but it took a while for the story to unfold. When things are clear before the eyes and very quickly, it becomes necessary to stay a little. The questions that have arisen after the press conference of ADG Prashant Kumar of Meerut zone on Sunday, if the story had been written earlier, it would not have been possible to talk about them. On Sunday, some of the Bhim Army boys from Meerut were arrested by the police for inciting a riot after which the ADG press conference and reiterated the initial statements of Saharanpur SSP and SP that Sachin’s death was an “accident”. I do not know if anyone asked them or not, if the Bhim Army boys were arrested for inciting a riot, then why are those Rajput youth still out there who made a video celebrating Sachin’s death and went viral. Why did no journalist ask this question, how are the four Rajput leaders named by Sachin’s mother still roaming outside. How is the sermon Rana, whose threatening video went viral, sitting on regional TV channels and preaching so far? And the question is also, is the Sher Singh Rana whose name is included in the FIR, is he the one who is going to visit Sachin’s house to meet his family members? Which law is this where the accused named in the FIR are liberalizing their image by offering to meet the family members of the deceased and the police is silent on this?

Sachin Walia’s house

Mediavizil reached Sachin’s house late in the evening. There is a Ravidas temple on Ramnagar Road in Saharanpur, whose patron is Kamal Walia, District President of Bhima Army. The lane adjacent to the same temple is a lotus house on the right hand side. It will be eight o’clock in the evening. The courtyard was very crowded. Sachin’s elder brother Kamal was lying on a cot. Some two dozen women were sitting in the dark in the inner courtyard. There were voices of crying. Some boys were busy giving tea water to the visitors. Kamal’s voice was sitting. There were few urban faces among the faces present there. These were the people of Ashok Bharti’s team. Ashok Bharti also reached there. Ashok Bharti has been associated with an institution called Naikdor and nowadays is trying to form a political party. He has no direct involvement with the Bhima Army, but he presents himself as an ambassador for Dalit-Muslim unity in the region and also takes credit for the Dalit movement on 2 April. Ashok kept speaking there for a long time. On 20 May, he has planned a big gathering on Delhi’s Parliament Street “in protest of Sachin’s murder”. They are getting calls from all over the country in this regard. They are asking everyone to gather with full force. He was also telling about this to Kamal and his colleagues. Meanwhile, a dozen Muslim youths come there with some maulanas. The people of Jamate-Ulema-e-Hind. He has a prior introduction to Bharti. Those people sit for barely ten minutes. Before leaving, Jamat-Ulema-e-Hind’s secretary Maulana Hakimuddin Qasmi asks Bharti in his ear, whether the money should be given now? Bharti responds positively. Then, with the eldest among them Maulana, they go to Sachin’s mother in the inner courtyard and wish Kushalaksham to hand a bundle of notes. After that those people leave.

Some people came with him from the neighboring village of Nayagaon. They ask Bharti to walk there. The crowd was so much that it was not possible to talk to Kamal at that time. So we also join together. We have a conversation with some people in the hallway of a house in Nayagaon. This place must have been barely half a kilometer away from the main Ramnagar route. There is a master present there who has taught Sachin in school. They say that those who came in the procession of Maharana Pratap Jayanti have not come to know about having swords or guns. A young man present there said that since everyone was scared, they were imprisoned in their homes. It is difficult to find any eyewitnesses. The village headman was present there. He said that if the footage of CCTV cameras installed at the medical store and some shops on the road is examined, then the truth can be revealed. Apart from the incident, some other political things also happened. Then we returned to Kamal’s house. It must be nine thirty. At this time the crowd was dead.

There was a long talk with Kamal. The youth present there, including Kamal, said that those involved in the procession had swords. We asked if anyone had seen it themselves, then the answer was denied. Kamal says that he had made Munadi in the village a day before the Ravidas temple that everyone should stay in their homes during the procession. Nobody goes out. Then how did Sachin go out? They say that two people from the local Guptachar unit (LAU) came home in the morning, leaving Sachin to go out. He was shot only after that. Where was the bullet? No one had any specific knowledge about the incident. Everyone said that the Rajputs shot. FIR Kamal’s mother got it done. When asked about this, Kamal said that the boys had got the FIR done. Who were the boys? He said that he did not know anything about this because he had gone to his in-laws’ house. He came back as soon as the news of his death came. On the basis of which four people were nominated in the FIR? We did not get an answer to this. Is Sher Singh Rana nominated in the FIR the same person who is the killer of Phoolan Devi? On this, there was some chatter between Kamal and his colleagues, then Kamal clarified that he is not. This one Sher Singh Rana is a local boy. In the Tahrir given to the police, it is clearly written before Sher Singh Rana, “Rajput Mahasabha President” i.e. Sher Singh Rana, the killer of Phoolan Devi. Where did this local Sher Singh Rana come from? This is an unsolved nodule.

Kamal heard us two phone recordings. One phone call was from SSP Saharanpur. The SSP called Kamal on the day of the incident on May 9 at half past eight in the morning. Moved and asked- “Kamal, are you contesting elections?” On his refusal, the SSP asked, “So, are you contesting elections?” This conversation is about three hours before the news of Sachin’s death. SSP asks are you at home? Kamal says, “Yes”. He told MediaVigil that he was in the law at that time. He has also said in an interview given to the National Squad that he returned from his in-laws at about a quarter past eleven. Why did he talk to SPP about being at home? We do not know. SSP asked for the third time what is this election matter? Instead of answering this, Kamal expressed his dissatisfaction on why he had allowed the procession of Maharana Pratap Jayanti. The SSP says that this has been happening for three to four years. Kamal expresses his apprehension that people bring swords to him, then a cryptic reply from the SSP is that there is a time to leave or rub someone. In the end, the SSP instructs him to ensure that there is no disturbance. It stops. After three hours, there is also a mess.

Kamal showed us the talks on WhatsApp to SP and CO. In this, sending a video of Rana Rana, he demanded action. From there, OK’s answer also came. It makes sense that the police were warned in advance that something wrong was going to happen. There is no doubt that the police system during the procession was very prompt. One of Kamal’s companions says that the police force was so strong that Ravidas was standing in the street of the temple. Despite such a strong force, how did the bullet go? This is also a question. If we look at the conversation with Sachin’s family of National Squad, then some things are clear. For example, one thing comes to light in this that the family got news of Sachin’s death after an hour. Kamal himself gave this news Kamal says that as soon as he came to know about the news, he called the police officer and informed himself and expressed his anger that despite being warned how did he allow this to happen. Kamal says that he keeps every phone record but according to him he did not have the recording of this phone. Kamal heard another phone recording which happened one night before the incident. This conversation is with a police officer, in which the officer is telling about the video of Upesh Rana that this man is not from Saharanpur, but from outside city. He says he will catch it as soon as dawn.