This silence is telling that the prices of petrol have not increased, but have decreased

Crude oil prices have not yet jumped in international markets as much as in the year 2013-14, but during that time the BJP had filled the country with posters – “Diesel petrol hit on a lot of people, now BJP government.” Was angry. The reason was the same today, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan was counting. Was not in the government of the then, it is not in the government of the present time.

But the way the Kutarkas have been established in politics, the same Kutarkas are returning and asking the BJP leaders again and again. The price of petrol is at a record level, yet if you look at its news in the media, you will feel that there is nothing. If this government makes one rupee cheaper, then the dock media will print on the front page.

Due to the Karnataka elections, the government does not allow the price to increase for 19 days. Even then there were international reasons. At the same time, the US-Iran nuclear deal was separated. After 19 days, it is now the market’s price, not the government’s price. Petrol price has increased by Rs 1.62 in a week. Diesel price has increased by Rs 1.64 per liter. Price will increase further. The minister says that soon he will be present with a solution. Why that solution has not been prepared yet Crude oil prices did not increase after the elections.

On September 14, 2013, one liter petrol in Delhi was getting Rs 76.06 per liter. On 20 May 2018, it has become Rs 76.24 per liter. It is at its most expensive level. Delhi’s media is silent. If spoken, it will be taken off the dock and thrown on the road. A liter of petrol is getting 84.07 rupees per liter in Mumbai. Rs 81.73 per liter in Patna, Rs 81.83 per liter in Bhopal.

The new Prime Minister of Malaysia has said that there will be no fluctuations in the prices of week to week. The price will be fixed and the government will give subsidy if required. Many people in India were welcoming GST, giving the example of this Malaysia. It is worth mentioning that Malaysia has removed GST for three years. Arrangements have been made to increase prices in India week by week. But if the government wants according to the elections, then the price does not increase.

The minister of Modi government has repeatedly said that the NPA of the banks is the gift of the UPA. The matter is also true, but it went as if nothing had happened during the Modi government and it remained innocent.

George Mathew’s report has appeared in today’s Indian Express. These reports are about private banks. Till now we used to discuss only NPAs of public banks. But now it is known that the condition of private banks is also the same. Mathew has written that in five years the NPA of banks has increased by 450 percent. The total NPA at the end of the financial year 2013-14 was 19,800 crores which increased to more than one lakh crores at the end of March 2018.

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP had promised in the elections that sugarcane will be paid within 14 days. You can read Harish Damodaran’s report in the Indian Express. Harish visits the field and writes after much study. They say that during the current 2017-18, six sugar mills bought sugarcane worth 1778.49 crore. Ideally, he had to pay 1695.25 crore within 14 days. But till date only 888.03 crore has been paid. The rest is outstanding.

Meanwhile, Business Standard has written in its editorial that 720 companies, which announced their quarterly results in March 2018, have a 34 percent drop in their total profits. This is bad news. But the good news is that if we remove companies related to finance and energy from this, then the total profit looks 15 percent more. The revenue of 720 companies has increased. This is the highest in the last three years. It shows signs of improvement in the coming time.