Amnesty International: Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army had massacred Hindus

According to a report released on Tuesday by Amnesty International, the armed Rohingya group massacred Hindus in Rakhine, Myanmar last year. According to this report, a Rohingya armed group named Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) killed 99 Hindu women, men and children and also kidnapped some Hindus. Human rights organization Amnesty has reported in its report that the massacre took place on August 25, 2017, in which 99 Hindus were killed.

According to Tirana Hasan of Amnesty International, “It is difficult to ignore the brutality of the Arakan Rohingya salvation. This incident has left an indelible mark on the victims.” In addition, he said that this atrocity is as serious a matter as the Myanmar army. The case of crimes committed by the Rohingyas.

In this report of Amnesty International, Myanmar’s administration has also been accused of unlawful killing, rape and setting villages on fire. When the rebellion against the Myanmar army started by members of the ARSA in August 2017, Myanmar security forces responded with murder, rape, torture, burning of villages, starving people and other violent methods. There was an open violation of human rights.

According to the report, on the day of the incident, Rohingya militants attacked the police post and a crisis had started in the state. According to the report, all the Rohingya present in Rakhine were targets of the Myanmar army. In response to the attack by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, the operation carried out by the Myanmar army, due to which about 7 lakh Rohingya Muslims had to leave Myanmar and take refuge in neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh. The Rohingya refugee problem has emerged as a severe human problem on the world stage. Lakhs of refugees are still taking refuge in countries like India, Bangladesh.

Claims Made

According to Amnesty’s report, ARSA responded to this violence by targeting the Hindus living there. According to the report, the group attacked the Hindus living in the villages of Rakhine and those who survived were threatened that they should convert to Islam if they want to stay alive further. However, the group refused to take responsibility for the slaughter.

But according to the Amnesty International report, in its own investigation, it has been proved that this organization killed Hindus. In Kha Mong alone, 20 men, 10 women, 23 children were killed. In this, 14 children were less than eight years old. On the same day, 46 Hindu men were found missing in Bok Kyar (another village near Kha Mong). The dead bodies of 45 Hindus killed in Kha Mong were found in four large graves in September 2017, while the bodies of those missing from Bok Kyr have not been found yet.

“They had knives and long iron rods in their hands. They tied our hands. They blindfolded. I asked why they are doing this to us. One of them responded, you and Rakhine are all one.” Just, your religion is different. You cannot live here. He was speaking in the language of Rohingyas. He hit us a lot, “22-year-old Bina Bala, who survived the ARSA violence, gave Amnesty his Said in the statement.

Amnesty spoke to 8 people who survived the violence by ARSA. Raj Kumari (18) said, “They killed our man. We were told not to look there. They had knives, furs and iron rods. We hid there in the chandeliers. My uncle, father and brother He cut it. ”

Report conclusion

The biased attitude of the Myanmar administration with the Rohingyas in Rakhine State has been very old. Amnesty wrote clearly in the report’s conclusion that the Rohingyas have been undergoing racial discrimination long before the ARSA violence in August 2017.

Since the Myanmar administration does not allow amnesty and other independent investigative agencies to move to northern Rakhine, it makes it very difficult to contact the affected communities. Despite the restrictions, Amnesty fully believes that ARSA is responsible for the violence and has committed a serious violation of human rights.

Newslaundry has contacted him in connection with Amnesty’s latest report. Some questions have been sent to them by email. Amnesty has said to send our questions to his researchers. We will update our story when he responds.