Campaign to awaken Kairana to Kurukshetra

When you are seeing, thinking, and understanding about the country, the world and the family, then it is important to know how the people of Kairana spent the morning of May 27.

On May 27, when the people of Kairana must have read while drinking tea to Dainik Jagran, the largest newspaper in the area, what news would have come in their eyes.

Read a content analysis of Jagran. Photos of all the news are attached.


The biggest news on the front page is that of Narendra Modi. In which they are telling how they are running democracy. An old picture of Narendra Modi’s election speech has been put in it. There is no statement of opposition in the entire newspaper.

2. Apart from this, the people of Kairana are reading today that the Ulama of Deoband has appealed to vote against BJP. This news prank is complete. Deoband has not issued any election appeal. Debvand has issued a statement yesterday, saying that till date we have never issued any election appeal. Whose statement has been printed, he has also clearly said that I have no relation with Deoband. Deoband’s statement has been printed in Amar Ujala that we have not given any statement, yet most people of Kairana will feel that the Maulanas have issued an appeal against the BJP. You can understand that this is an attempt to polarize.

4. People of Kairana are reading in the newspaper today that parts of an animal considered to be sacred have been found and there is a ruckus about it. The newspaper writes that this business was going on for a long time. It would be interesting to know why the day the election campaign was over, the raids were conducted on the same day. It is also funny that Harvinder, a former BJP councilor who went to the police station to save the accused, was also arrested by the police.

5. In Dainik Jagran, the whole page has been published about religion and politics. Which has been written by former BJP council member Harendra Pratap. People of Kairana are also reading this today.

6. Today, the readers of Dainik Jagran are reading a big article on the editorial page of the newspaper, titled Modi’s achievements and challenges. This article describes Modi as great and the opposition weak and directionless. Who is the author Dr. AK Verma, it has not been told.

7. The editorial of the newspaper has been written to curse the opposition that it is selfish and is not supporting the government.

8. Modi’s statement in the newspaper, Yogi’s statement, many BJP leaders’ statements. There is no statement of any big opposition leader.

9. A BJP leader has been quoted as saying why Dalits should vote for BJP.

10. The newspaper has named the coverage page of the Kairana election as “Kurukshetra of Kairana”, which in itself is an attempt at communal polarization.

The spectacle in small letters inside the news is different from these. Its basic tone is that only the solidarity of Hindus can save the BJP as Dalits, Muslims and Jats stand against the alliance.