Ravish Kumar also has flaws!

I avoid writing anything on Ravish Kumar, as many of his supporters like his opponents are also of devout status. But in the current situation it seems necessary to write.

It is important to keep a critical eye for the media called the fourth pillar of democracy. The same criticism prevents the government and powerful sections from doing wrong, but nowadays the era is of nationalist journalism (actually governmentist). The media is in the role of the bard-bards of the old court courts. It is obvious that the man who will not give voice to his hua-hua will come on target. But Ravish Kumar is not targeted for just this reason. The reason is a little deeper.

The reason is that despite the opposition of half a dozen national and hundreds of regional political parties, not the opposition, but this journalist has discovered the “unkill heel” of the once unbeatable BJP and its government – jobs and economy. Like the monkey, the Prime Minister jumping from one slogan to another, from Swachh Bharat to New and then to Digital India, and under the spell of his tight propaganda, the hypnotism of youth and common people of Lahlot country was to continue.

He was also willing to accept the cheap data of Jio as evidence of good days, in the flamboyance of mass media and photoshop of cyber cell. But this man dung jaggery. Ravish demolished Modiji’s Inderjal by reminding the young man the job, the student’s education, the PF and the new pension scheme, the common man the plight of the railways and banks.

At the behest of Modi, Ravish has sown the seeds of possibility of being able to stand up against him by bringing a section of people to death. This is the trap that does not come out even after repeatedly scratching the teeth and keeps tight.

In 1992, US President George Bush landed in Iraq, invading patriotism and a cocktail of his strong-headed leader’s image, but despite his popularity, a youngster lost the election to Bill Clinton as Clinton campaigned during the Bush government The jobs and weak economy were kept on. Later this phenomenon was immortalized by Clinton spin doctor James Carville in a line saying – Its Economy Stupid.

In the matter of economy and jobs, the case of our current government has gone awry. Worse than that, if work is not done then it is dangerous, but it is dangerous to become aware of not working. This is what happened in the case of economy. An impression is becoming that the government is failing on the economic front.

Survey Reports

A recent Mood of the Nation survey also tells the same. Opposition parties have also started raising this matter loudly but they did not give shape to this Narrative. The facts were in front of everyone, but Ravish Kumar did the work of creating a picture by combining these facts, and popularizing it in the Hindi belt, especially among the youth and government employees. This is his biggest achievement, this is also his biggest danger.

The sting of BJP supporters suggests that factual reporting on jobs, rail-education and economy among the youth has been targeted. In my personal experience, I have seen some boys from UP-Bihar and Delhi who earlier used to abuse Ravish Kumar, now share their videos.

Meanwhile, the number of his devotees outside the media and media is also increasing. Also, Ravish’s programs for the opposition, his talks are very useful and hence he did not miss out on using them. In such a situation, it is possible that in response to the threatening video or message, videos of his supporters will also start coming, which threaten to ‘scratch the eyes of those who look at Ravish ji’. These videos will also be viral and once the series starts, it will start falling; Well, it’s just speculation.

Another thing that goes against Ravish is that personally he is a very simple person. Like Barkhaji, there are no stains on his deal. Nor are they elite and un-approachable like typical Liberal or leftist intellectuals. So his characterization is not easy. Because of this, his statement goes in a big part.

In the end, I must make it clear that neither have I met Ravish Kumar yet, nor do I have such a deep-seated desire. I consider NDTV (especially the English one) to be a very elite and egoistic institution that started the tradition of recruiting the children of big officers in their peak time instead of qualified but talented journalists from younger sections.

Similarly, I still believe that Ravish Kumar did wrong by directly reporting the Bihar election, because his brother was a candidate himself and in such a situation there was clearly a conflict of interest in front of him. But perhaps they could not leave the greed of political reporting in the home state.