India in economic newspapers

Why is petrol getting expensive now while crude oil is starting to become cheaper. Crude oil prices have started to fall in international markets. There has been a decrease of $ 5 per barrel in the last five days, but today in India, petrol and diesel have become expensive on the 15th day. Petrol in Delhi is Rs 78.27 per liter and Mumbai is Rs 86.08 per liter. Only the government economists of India can tell more about it.

People who are showing interest for the purchase of Air India are not getting. Four days are left to express their interest, but no external buyer has come yet. The Government of India has hired an organization named Ernest and Young for this. This organization has proposed in front of many airline companies, has explained it, but so far no one has come forward. Mumikan’s government should extend its date. There is news of business standard.

The Vedanta company which is accused of polluting the water and air of the Tamravarni river in Tuticorin has been given the task of cleaning the Ganges. Nitin Gadkari has said that 70% of the Ganges water will be cleared by 2019. Nothing has happened yet, let’s see seven more months. In Varanasi, people who know the Ganga closely, including the Mahant, are telling that the condition of the Ganges has become worse.

During 2014-16, Bangladesh’s gross domestic product (at current dollar prices) grew at a rate of 12.9 percent. This is called Compound Annual Rate (CAGR). In India, it has been 5.6 percent during this period. Bangladesh has doubled progress from India. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s GDP has been 8.6 percent. This increase is due to investment and export. China’s economy has grown at a rate of 5.2 percent. These are all things in Krishnakant’s report in Business Standard.

If you look at the rate of increase in per capita income in India, then per capita income in Bangladesh is increasing at three times. In India, per capita income has increased at the rate of 12 percent in these three years, 40 percent in Bangladesh and 21 percent in Pakistan. If the situation remains the same, then in 2020 Bangladesh’s per capita income will be more than India.

India’s economy has been at the forefront of South Asia between 1970 and 2010. India’s exports are shrinking at a rate of 3.9 percent during 2014-16, while Bangladesh’s exports grew at a rate of 7 percent during this period. At the same time, investment in India came to a standstill, while in Bangladesh it grew at a rate of 14.5 percent.

The target is set to be around 2022, 2030, 2050 across the world. An assessment should be made of these goals postponed on the basis of the year, how many were completed and how many remained there and the year went on. In India, there is such an ongoing and ongoing target of 2022. Well sometimes one should take a peek in their neighborhood as well.