Newslaundry in Red Ink Award

The awards are a mark on the forehead of the finest journalism, a munadi that declares that something better is happening. Although this is not the only way to prove this, in spite of this, they become the inspiration to take journalism’s concerns, its values, its traditions forward. Rewards become a measure of how sensitive we are about our environment, our people, our flaws, our inequities, our land. Particularly at the present time when there is an untoward war between journalism and propaganda, tug of war is going on.

The role of these awards is even more for the media institutions that stand on the confidence of the public, its readers, viewers and listeners. Newslaundry has carried on with these values. Despite the resources, Newslaundry has been continuously doing its journalism through intense on-the-ground reports, nuanced views and sarcastic videos. During this time it has received recognition and recognition from all prestigious institutions and awards.

A Big Step Ahead

In this direction, Newslaundry has taken another big step forward. Recognizing its journalism, it has been awarded the prestigious Red Ink Award. Journalist TR Vivek’s ground report “Kaveri Chronicles” has been given this award in the environmental category. In connection with this story, Vivek took long journeys in the areas along the upper stream of the Cauvery Basin and talked about the reasons, understanding the reasons and possible remedies to get to the bottom of the half-century-old Cauvery water dispute. The second part of this story, which is to be in the low-lying areas of Kaveri, is yet to be published.

Expressing his happiness over the award, TR Vivek said, “I am happy that I am getting this award from the media industry. It is not a corporate award. So it is nice that you are selected by your media colleagues Gone and are appreciating your work. ”

Prior to this, Vivek has also received IIMC Alumni Association (EMCA) Award for this story. EMCA is an alumni association of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

“Both IIMCA and the Red Ink Award-winning institutions are journalistic organizations. EMCA was special, because I studied at the same institution. While Red Ink is the country’s prestigious journalistic honor,” Vivek said.

Vivek was honored in Mumbai on the evening of 18 May. The award is given jointly by Mumbai Press Club and Rand Inc for outstanding journalism.