Modi and Shah throw Vajpayee’s ‘tongs’ in the trash

‘If power comes in the hands of a new alliance for power by breaking the party, then I would not like to touch such power with tongs.’ This part of the speech of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is being used once again to show a mirror to the BJP on May 28, 1996, which failed to get majority in the Lok Sabha. This popular statement of Vajpayee is being viral on social media to prove the moral decay of BJP for the policy of sam-daam-dandi to form a government in Karnataka.

Repeated questions are being asked from the BJP, from where will the party with 104 seats win the rest of the MLAs? Where did the party’s ninth party engage in open-horse trading? The alliance of Congress and JDS is right on occasion but when they have more number than the majority, then why did BJP come to market of MLAs? Even if eight-nine MLAs are mobilized by sabotaging other parties, why won’t this power be like a blur for the BJP?

These questions exist. But now these questions are meaningless with BJP. Those asking such questions should now understand that this is not the BJP with Atal-Advani.

This is Modi and Shah’s BJP. This is the BJP, whose basic mantra is the same – power is always the case. The manner in which Modi and Shah’s BJP operated from Uttarakhand to Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya in the last two years is proof that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmanipulative power not being touched by tongs with the same tongs was picked up in the dustbin The time has been put.

Bulldozing the opponent in every way and if there is even one per cent scope to form a government after the election, then it is the only principle of this BJP. Do anything, do it anyway, break the opponent, do it by buying, do it by intimidation, but do it by giving a stake in power. Gain power As long as the opponent is aware, do it before. Like it did in Goa and Manipur.

By the time the Congress plans to reach the Governor’s door, the BJP had pulled the chair to its side. What he did not do to bring down the Rawat government in Uttarakhand, it is a different matter that the government was restored from the court. Yes, after the election, the BJP definitely came back with full force.

Karnataka is the climax of this strategy of BJP. By the way, you can also understand this 2019 trailer. As soon as the results of Karnataka came to hang the BJP, Amit Shah posted his warlords in Bangalore. These warlords armed with all kinds of weapons can go to any extent to garner a majority. You must know the name.

This operation of Shah is Dharmendra Pradhan in Karnataka, Prakash Javadekar, JP is Nadda, Anant Kumar is there. These four are looking for eight there. Every minute, every moment, he is in contact with Shah and is laying pieces for jugaad. Amidst all the stories of the proximity of Karnataka Governor Vajuwala and PM Modi, there is no doubt that the Governor is doing as much help as he can to the BJP. If they were not doing it then they would have called the coalition with majority on the lines of Goa to form the government and not the BJP. If BJP was to be called as a big party, then before taking oath, we would have asked for a list of majority figures and MLAs. They both did not work.

The Governor is the target of the Congress because of his decision. There is a lot of shame in the social media about this power fascination of the BJP. Congress and JDS leaders are protesting. They have gone on the road to teach morality lessons to Modi and Shah. But all these are not going to backfire. He also knew that after presenting the claim of forming a government even after eight steps away from the majority, what would have to be done and what would have to be heard. So now wait how BJP strengthens the tower of its palace by breaking the houses of others. Now leave the curse that this is not the BJP that Vajpayee left.

My mistake is valid on your fault

BJP and their supporters now have the same argument – Congress did this for sixty years. The Congress also used such governors. The Congress also formed and toppled governments with similar manipulations. The list of such exploits of the Congress era is the armor of his defense. Look at social media only. The answer to every question arising on the morality of the BJP is the account of the exploits in the Congress era.

Goya be in competition with Congress. Whatever the Congress has done, it has to be done. A typed slip is circulating on social media according to how many times Congress has formed and toppled such governments. If anyone asks such a question, the same slip comes in his answer.

Now if we have to do the dhatkram to counter the Congress’ dhatkram, then a question is whether the BJP had said before the elections that whatever the Congress has done in sixty years, we will also show all that? Did the BJP say that the more the Congress has crushed the constitutional institutions and political morals, the more we will crush them? And till we go further in these matters from Congress, do not ask. Did BJP ask for votes by saying this?

If you look at the past months, the BJP has given all the pathetic and tainted image to the BJP. From Sukhram, Mukul Roy to Naresh Aggarwal. If you count state wise, then the figure of hundred can also be exceeded. Even after including all these, when questions were asked from BJP, then the leader or supporter went on the same path of argument that what did Congress not do in sixty years, why are you asking us questions?

When the rot was brought on the road, arguments started that scams like Toji, 3G, CWG, Colgate happened in the Congress Raj. It was said that these too became scams due to the rules made by the same people. What to be counted That is why they have already said that it is not BJP of Vajpayee and Advani, it is BJP of Modi and Shah.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tongs have been thrown in the trash. Now stop milking that tongs and watch the spectacle. If you cannot see then be silent