Responsibility of democracy should be not only political but also social

Social worker Aruna Roy’s new book ‘RTI Kaise Aay’ was released at Press Club on Friday evening. This book is a document of the beginning of the movement for the right to information and its journey. The Hindi version of this book has been printed by Rajkamal Prakashan and translated by senior journalist Abhishek Srivastava. Economist Jean Dreze, IGNCA chairman Ram Bahadur Rai and senior journalist Om Thanvi were present in the program.

On the occasion of the release, Jean Dreze said, ‘Right to information can be seen in many different perspectives. In eradicating corruption, deciding accountability, empowerment of the common people and references to democracy must be seen. ”While talking about making democracy accountable, Jean-Drez introduced the concept of the Constitution to the House. “Responsibility of democracy should not only be political but it should also be understood in social context,” said Jean Dreze.

It was perhaps the first book release program of its kind where the book discussion was accompanied by slogans, agitating songs and stories of people’s struggles. It may also be noted that Aruna Rai’s name as the author of the book is written on the book, but due to the effort of the colleagues of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, this book has become possible.

Sharing the memory of Lokaparna of the English version of the book, Satyanand Nirupam, editor of Rajkamal Publishing Group, said that the first edition of the book was over on the day of release.

According to Om Thanvi, former editor of Jansatta and presently advisor editor of Rajasthan Patrika, this book is not only a document but will also be an inspiration for the struggle of the coming days. At the same time, he warned against the dangers hovering over Indian democracy and expressed his anguish over the collapse of institutions.

Although senior journalist Ram Bahadur Rai did not agree with Om Thanvi, he wished Aruna Roy and his colleagues to collect and publish the struggle saga. “Bureaucracy training is that even if they hide information, those who try to extract information are able to extract the necessary information,” said Ram Bahadur Rai.